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Promotional Tins

We can design and produce your very own savings tin. We can either design the tin for you or you can provide the art work ready for print.

We can produce a range of different Promotional Tin products all designed to your spec.

  • : : Savings Tin style
  • : : A Sealed Tin Can which can contain your product or message
  • : : A Sealed Tin Can, like the above but with an easy open ring pull

If you require a large number of tins with your own design we can even hold the stock and just send small amounts as and when you require them.

If you just require blank sealed tins either as a Savings Tin or Ring Pull we can provide these in any quantity from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand


Minimum quantity 288 small or large tins.


Customers inlcude:

  • : : NHS - Stop Smoking
  • : : West Ham FC
  • : : Cath Kidston
  • : : Edge Church International

More Details here:

Promotional Corporate -

Standard Saving Tins 


BUY - Promotional Charity

Collecting Tins


Reusable Money Tin

500ml Paint Pot Style


Promotional Corporate - 

Large Tins  


BUY - Promotional Charity

Collecting Tins










Giving away promotional money boxes is a fantastic way to improve how your brand is perceived. Banks, building societies and other financial institutions can use promotional piggy banks to encourage kids to start saving for the future, while printed money boxes can be given to customers as a thank you gift for their continued loyalty. Alternatively, you could use money boxes as part of a “saving awareness” campaign – whether that’s for customers, staff or any other key stakeholders.